Knarr Official Launch

Knarr has officially launched! While we know that times are uncertain, we also know that more than ever companies need powerful, functional data analytics tools, and we’re happy to provide that with Knarr.

We are excited for you to explore your data and share the process with others. We hope that Knarr will give you and your teams the ability to collaborate in an increasingly remote-based work environment with our innovative features:

  • Multiplayer Mode: Users can enter a shared workspace and analyze datasets together in real-time or show other users how they are finding insights
  • Notes: Notes allow you to document thoughts on each project and include links (Snapshots) that allow users to jump to relevant analyses
  • Snapshots: These capture point-in-time views of data analysis and allow users to jump back to the exact analysis other users capture including relevant data sets and visualizations

Many of you have been on board with us over the past several months helping us to shape this tool. For that we thank you, and we hope you love the current tool as much as we do.

  • You can still access a free account to explore our most updated version with our Basic plan .
  • If you‚Äôre looking for even more collaborative capabilities and additional data connections you can learn about our enhanced Pro and Pro Plus plans here.

Dive into powerful, fast, collaborative data analysis by clicking the button below to log in a, then hop into the community to let us know what you think.